• Cassandra Ortiz

    Cassandra Ortiz

    “The instructors and advisors were advocates in my education. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Ohio Business College.”

  • Brian Shaffer

    Brian Shaffer

    "Thank you to all at Ohio Business College, Sheffield Village Campus, who made it possible for me to become a better I.T. professional."

  • Angela Howard

    Angela Howard

    “Cheryl Jankowski in Career Services at Ohio Business College took the time to get to know me personally and helped me find the right career path that suited what I liked in the work environment."

  • Mark Barnhardt

    Mark Barnhardt

    I chose Ohio Business College because... "it was close to home and has a great staff. I work for Osborne Trucking making good money!"


"Ohio Business College was the right college choice for me. I made a lot of friends in the program, the location of the campus was close to where I live, and I continue to enjoy working in the field of dentistry."

- Robert Newlon
OBC Dental Assisting Graduate
Hilliard, Ohio
"I graduated December 2010 with an accounting degree from Ohio Business College in Sandusky. I had no experience in accounting other than my externship. I am so happy to announce that I have been employed with Bleistahl in Battle Creek, MI. My title is Administrative Assistant; however, I do all of their HR, Accounting and Quality duties. I am thrilled to finally to be able to use my degree towards my new career. No more hard back-breaking labor! Thanks OBC! "

- Nikki Souslin
Administrative Assistant, Bleistahl
Sandusky OBC Graduate
"Attending Ohio Business College was a great experience. This September the externship site hired me in full time. I now have a job with benefits! Thanks to everyone at OBC."

- Marcy Crow
Administrative Assistant, Firelands Physician Group
Sandusky OBC Graduate
"I started my externship at Cancer Services. I found myself loving the experience. We help so many people and the clients really depend on us, it is very rewarding. Thank you OBC"

- Taris Chaney
Current OBC Extern at Cancer Services of Erie County
"With my education through Ohio Business College, I was able to obtain a fantastic job in my field with the help of OBC's Career Services. Thanks OBC!"

- Christina Taylor
Medical Billing Specialist
Sandusky Wellness Center
"Thanks to Career Services and Ohio Business College, I was able to obtain employment in my career field where I have great job security, and I am able to do what I enjoy most."

- Chiniqua Cunningham
New Patient Coordinator
Sandusky Wellness Center
"Ohio Business College was a fantastic experience, with an awesome supporting cast. Everyone from the office, to finance to administration, and of course the instructors, made this a very rewarding experience. I would absolutely, (and have) recommend this for anyone."

- Jason LaBelle
IT Administrator
Gaymont Nursing Home, Norwalk
"“The instructors and advisors were advocates in my education. I was able to better my future and career with the attention that I was given to my personal education. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Ohio Business College.”"

- Cassandra Ortiz
EMH Hospital Emergency Room
""I attended Ohio Business College, Sheffield Village Campus, from 2009 to 2011. During my time at OBC, I worked with some extremely knowledgeable instructors who actively work in their respective fields. With their instruction, patience, and guidance I passed my courses, obtained relevant I.T. Certifications and worked toward a career in the I.T. field.

Working with the professors and support staff at Ohio Business College has been one of the best experiences of my professional development. I accepted a position at IntelliNet Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio (June 4, 2012) as a Level 1 Technician, and I now work as part of a team of Linux and Security Administrators (Strategic Applications and Services (SAS)). During the course of my work, I employ the methods and knowledge that were imparted to me at O.B.C. to excel at my job and have since been promoted from a Level 1 Technician to a Level 2 asset as part of the Strategic Applications and Services team. Paying attention to the information my professors imparted, internalizing the lessons of the practical labs, and assisting others in our coursework have all allowed me to become a better employee and an asset to my team.

Thank you to all at Ohio Business College, Sheffield Village Campus, who made it possible for me to become a better I.T. professional. Special thanks to Neil Higgins for all his counsel as I worked through my Associates Degree, obtained Certifications, and especially after graduation as I sought out a career in the I.T. field.""

- Brian Shaffer, Strategic Applications Developer
Intellinet Corp.
"“I love OBC. I like how they have small classes, better for the teachers to have that one-on-one with the students. You can go to anyone for help, from teacher to faculty.”"

- Lashawn Marshall
Geek Squad
North Olmsted
"Cheryl Jankowski in Career Services at Ohio Business College took the time to get to know me personally and helped me find the right career path that suited what I liked in the work environment. I encourage all students to build a relationship with Career Services. You really do get what you put into it. I absolutely love my job and OBC helped me get there."

- Angela Howard
Lorain County Medical Society
"I chose OBC because I am not a number, I am a name and a person. I like the Dental Assisting program because it has small class sizes and I get a lot of one-on-one attention."

- Brittany Brewer
OBC Dental Assisting Graduate
Hilliard, Ohio
"The notebook/ binder that Dee Bowerstock's class prepared me with, not only helped to land this position by showing off my computer skills and ability to create documents on a moment's notice, but is useful to this day as I still refer back to it for ideas and refreshers."

- Sara Widman
Office Manager
Serving Our Seniors, Sandusky
"OBC gave me the chance to begin a new chapter in my life. Finding myself a single mom in a bad economy meant I had to take matters into my own hands and build on what I already knew. OBC had the programs that enhanced my existing bachelor's degree and helped me build my own thriving web design business. I'm living life on my own terms now ....and OBC gave me the tools and encouragement to succeed!"

- Karen (Shemenske) Pawlicki
Owner / Principal Designer at The Hullaballoo
"I came through Ohio Business College with a job. I left that job and stopped into Ohio Business College and Donny (Banks) and Rita (Hoke) went out of their way and took the time to give me some listings they had. 3 days later I had a new job at MPS Group working at AK Steel."

- Gary Hogan
OBC Truck Driving Academy
"I chose Ohio Business College because... "it was close to home and has a great staff. I work for Osborne Trucking making good money!""

- Mark Barnhardt
OBC Truck Driving Academy
"Attending OBC taught me a lot of wonderful skills that I have been able to apply to my current job. The classes that are involved in the Medical Administrative Assistant program made me familiar with the work I have to do in the office - tasks such as entering patient information, seeing insurance claims, answering the phoine, and dealing with patients. I loved OBC! The staff is wonderful!!"

- Amanda Marez
"I got my start through Ohio Business College ..."

- John Hallman
Sheffield Village
"Something about this place that most people don't know is that everybody here bends over backwards for you ... as far as helping you get through your courses, financial aid, job search ..."

- Faith Baker
"At one point, ..., it just felt like 'Why? Why am I doing this when I could be doing so much more?' ... It just hit me. I need to go back to school ..."

- Durond Clark
"For me, the Ohio Business College gave me the means to take care of my daughter and to live a better life ..."

- Regina Messer
"Attending OBC was a successful experience for me that led to an opportunity I strived for through my two years of college. Thanks to the staff and faculty at OBC!"

- Brittany Greene
"I picked OBC because of the credentials, plus I took a tour of the school and everyone seemed great ..."

- Matt Krum
Thank you and to Ohio Business College for your assistance with a job lead. As it turns out, I got the job. Thank you so much for your immediate response!"

- Monica Shupp
Human Resources Assistant, Flex Temp
Sandsuky OBC Graduate
"One of the best decisions I ever made was to attend Ohio Business College. The education I received is highly relevant to the workforce today. The staff and faculty really strive to transform "students" into "graduates" and prepare them for careers. As a result, I have degrees in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, and Accounting. I am also happily employed as the Accounting Clerk for the Center for Cultural Awareness. My employer, Ms. Charlene Adams, is also an instructor at OBC. Ohio Business College is a great school that helped to change my life."

- Shelley Belle
"It has been a pleasure working with Ohio Business College for the past 5 years. I choose to work with OBC over posting my positions on job sites because I want to give dedicated students the opportunity to learn and grow in the medical field. Currently, I have two excellent students on my team, Chiniqua Cunningham and Christina Taylor."

- Melissa Winnestaffer
Office Manager
Sandusky Wellness Center
"Jackie is very dependable and was enjoyable to have, and there wasn't a single task she couldn't learn and do well to complete."

- Karin Roberts
Fisher Titus Medical Center
"Dear Ms. Johnson:
I wanted to take the time to thank Ohio Business College for providing another extern for our Probate Court. Kristen has been an asset to our office as an extern. On behalf of Judge Cardwell and everyone at the Probate Court, we look forward to working with future extern students."

- Linda K. Zimmerman
Huron County Probate and Juvenile Court
"Heather has worked out really well for us and we have decided to hire her in part-time while she finishes the rest of her classes. She was very reliable and dependable, and she did not miss any time. "

- Mandria Butticci Sprague
Real Estate Options and Opportunities, LLC
Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Southwest
"On bringing in an extern from OBC's Medical Assisting program:

He did his clinical rotation here with us and he fit in so well we hired him! Your program is excellent and the students are very prepared for life in the "outside" world. We have had students from other programs that I will not let come back for clinicals, as they were unprepared and some had no lab practice at all. The whole program was on line and it took way too much time from my staff to be their "instructor" from ground zero. They had never even held a B/P cuff or
stethoscope let alone use one! YIKES!!!! You have a great program at your place!!!!!! I'll take your students anytime!

- Wendy Hammer, Manager
Mercy Occupational Health Center
Lorain, Ohio
"The five things that I can say that the grads that I have hired have been ... they have been very eager, very loyal to our organization ..."

- Pamela Garcia
Sheffield Village

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