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Learn to fix and troubleshoot computers in an office setting through Ohio Business College's Information Technology degree!

Looking for quality IT training? Ohio Business College provides advanced career training through its information technology courses.

IT Training and Curriculum

This information technology program will equip graduates with the necessary skills to provide IT technical support and advice to users of hardware, software and computer systems. Graduates of this business program develop the skills to design, install and support an organization's local area network, wide area network, Internet or intranet system, as well as provide administration, maintenance and support of network servers.

As many different workplaces find new uses for computers and computer programs, IT careers will be integral to workplace success. In recent years, computers have become an essential part of everyday life at home, work, school and nearly everywhere else. However, even some of the most sophisticated computers encounter occasional problems. Some of these problems may be as simple as a forgotten password, while some may be as serious as a crashed hard drive. Regardless of the situation, business professionals with an information technology degree can help get them up and running again.

Employment for individuals in the field of information technology and computer support is expected to grow faster than average through 2018. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, college graduates with the latest IT training can expect very good job prospects. If you want to learn more about your career education opportunities in this field, fill out the form on the right to start your IT program at Ohio Business College!

Knowledgeable computer specialists with IT training can work in a variety of workplaces in Ohio. From IT technical support and help desk assistance, to network design and administration, computer support specialists can perform a wide range of duties.

Earning an information technology degree can expose you to a wide range of professional possibilities.  A great place to start your technological career training program is with an Associate IT degree from Ohio Business College.

IT Computer Support

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Career Pathways

This information technology degree will open the door to careers for entry-level positions such as: LAN/WAN technician Systems administrator Network analyst, and Computer repair technician.

Ohio Business Colleges offers several information technology courses that equip students with the foundation they need to sit for several industry-wide recognized certifications.

Students with IT training and education are well-equipped to obtain industry certifications. These certifications are quite often required by employers who are seeking to fill a variety of IT positions. Information technology courses at Ohio Business College will prepare students to sit for the following certification exams:

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